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  Euro Demolition's Cat 5110 90mtr. TUHD build by Rusch 
   (From quarry digger to demolition giant) 
                                                                                                                                   latest update:  05-02-2008


Rusch takes High Reach Demolition to a higher level.
It was January 2006 that Beelen Sloopwerken BV. officially announced that it had ordered Europe's largest Demolition Rig. The machine base was a 85ton Cat 385CL modified by Caterpillar dealer Pon Equipment. Pon then asked Rusch Crane Repair to modify it to a Extreme High Reach Demolition machine. 

For Rusch this was their first time to do a High Reach Demolition conversion. The company was specialized in Crane repair, so it had some experience in high strength booms, but had not used  this, or any other technique, on an excavator. 

Ruud Schreijer from Rusch said: 
In the beginning the base machine was much bigger, but due to transportation limits and delivery-times and warranty-problems, they eventually came to us asking the question were all other boom manufactures said: "It could not be done!" If we could do a Extreme High Reach Package on a relatively small base machine, like the Cat 385CL. 

After many calculations we found a solution that would tackle this problem. A conventional boom was out of the question. Calculations told us 45mtr. would be the maximum, with a medium tool (2-3ton). But if we used a special high strength steel, like used on some cranes, and make it telescopic, we could reach around 60mtr. This type of steel is very light and stronger than many other steel types used for boom conversions. We had a lot of experience with this product and knew its potentials. We are one of the few companies that are capable of repairing crane booms made of this product. It requires a special treatment. Bending and welding it, can not be done using normal techniques. One of them is that it takes some chemicals to retain its properties. 

We made a three section 60mtr. (197ft) telescopic demolition boom, 6mtr. hydraulic undercarriage, and did the upper-carriage conversions like the extra counterweight, extra tank, etc.
   see animation

We eventually decided not to do the automatic extending counterweight-system, seen in the animation. 

The machine has now worked for more than a year. We have learned a lot, did a lot of A modifications, and we can say, where everyone said; It wouldn't work, we proved them wrong, and we know now how to build them." 

A few months later Euro Demolition and Rush were sitting around the table talking about a new very challenging project: "To build an even higher machine."

Euro Demolition and Rusch go way back, as Rusch was their main partner for maintenance of Euro's crawler cranes. With the now-how from the Cat 385C 60TUHD and the expertise of Euro Demolition they started up a task force to investigate if this was possible and how.

It was only a couple of months after the Cat 385C 60TUHD erected it's arm for the first time that Euro and Rusch signed an agreement to build the Highest High Reach Demolition excavator in the world.  


From quarry digger to demolition excavator.    

In was the first week of august that 'Steffi' left its two brother Cat 5110B's 'Nina' and 'Antonio' in a quarry base in Germay. Seffi' also a Cat 5110B was bought by Euro Machinery and was rented by Euro Demolition to tackle some very heavy foundations at the Grolsch-brewery demolition jobsite in Enschede, The Netherlands. 

The machine performed so well that Euro Demolition decided to keep the machine.  
Four months later the machine was working at another demolition job in Groenlo, The Netherlands when it was accompanied by 'Nina'. 
This machine was again brought in by  Euro Machinery. And, Yes again Euro Demolition decided it was the right machine for their machine list. Especially because it had decided that 'Steffi' was going to be transformed to a special Triple HRD version and they were still working on the "Highest HRD project" and this looked like the right base machine for it.  



Demolition on a higher level.    

The official announcement: 

Next year the high reach demolition excavator sector will see a new record-breaker, when a three year old Cat 5110B (delivered by Euro Machinery) will be modified by Rusch Special Products. The machine owned by Euro Demolition will be 90m (295 ft) high. 
This is 25 m (82 ft) taller than the current record holder, Kobelco's SK3500D owned by Nabekai in Japan.

Very impressive is the weight of the tool that will go on the end. Most Extreme High Reach machines currently available, can only carry a 2 or 2.5 ton tool. The new machine will carry 5 tons to full height and a 12 ton tool to 80m (262 ft)!

This base 5110B will be heavily modified to carry its giant boom, with additional counterweighing, a lengthened and widened undercarriage and additional hydraulics. 
(total expected weight 250tons)  

   see animation


Cat 5110B goes to Rusch.    

Today was a special moment. The Cat 5110B has done its last hours as a normal Cat 5110B digging excavator. The machine performed well these last months as a big muscle wrecking machine, playing with large foundations and big steel buildings. Now it is time to leave this work behind. As for the coming months this machine will be world news. 

Today it started its journey to become the worlds highest demolition excavator in the world.

It was late in the afternoon that we saw how the machine was taken apart at its last jobsite in Dinslaken, Germany and transported to the Rusch headcounters in Zwaag.  
A very special day also, because it was also the day that its big brother the Cat 5110B Triple also owned by Euro Demolition, made its first moves. Its first job; helping to take its brother apart.

see: http://www.bouwmachineforum.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11011&highlight=euro+demolition 


HRD Exclusive 

Today we were asked to follow the building process of the Cat 5110B 90TUHD. In the next couple of months we will follow the machine in its transformation process and keep you updated with the latest developments. 


First visit 

Today we traveled to Zwaag (NL) for the first time to see the conversion progress. 
The undercarriage conversion is ready, and beside the counterweight and tank modifications the construction work on the upper carriage is also ready. Construction work now is focused on the 90 meter boom. 
base machine base machine track hitch boom boom frontend boom
main + tele2 main + tele2 tele3 tracks tracks 2x 1m extender


For the first time to the paint shop 

Today the machine was transported to the paint shop from Euro Machinery in Harderberg. Only the inside will be painted, the outside is done when the machine is completely finished.



Today we visited the machine for the third time. The painted base machine is waiting. 
The tracks and extensions have been filled up, and the tank is finished. 
In the coming weeks the Rusch people will focus on completing the welding of the boom sections and sticks. 

At the end of this month they want to start building up the boom and base.
Then the next crew can start building the hydraulics, and the welding people can go on the next 5110B project for Euro Demolition; the second 5110B Triple, followed by the 75m E-HRD. 

We added numbers on the pictures, to make it easier to understand the progress and see what section comes were.